AZZX Emavol 1.0 Indicator

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AZZX Emavol 1.0 Indicator

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The AZZX Emavol 1.0 Indicator For MetaTrader is a forex trade tracker that monitors fluctuation in the tick volume of an asset. This indicator is lightning-fast and won’t crash or hang, even during a fast price swing.

This MT4 indicator essentially helps you to visualize the impact of different market participants in a trading session. Without having to second guess the market’s direction, it becomes easier for you to make sense of what’s driving it.

Moreover, this indicator is suitable for new, intermediate and experienced traders. It can be used for scalping, day trading and swing trading.

The indicator features three lines that provide analysis on market conditions.

Pale green line – This line shows the number of ticks for the asset. The price rises and then falls restoring to its original point as the tick volume changes.

blue – traders are suggesting that the price will go down.

Red – This line indicates that the prices may rise

The line that crosses and stays at the top represents the prevailing market condition. Such as when the red line is at the top of the others (pale green and blue), it indicates that the market is trending to the upside.

The indicator comes with three distinct lines that depict different market conditions.

Pale green line  – This line depicts the tick volume of the asset. It rises/falls as the tick volume increases/decreases.

Blue – This line suggests a possible downward move.

Red – This line suggests a possible upward move.

The line that crosses and stays at the top is considered the prevailing market condition. For instance, when the RED line is at the top of the other lines (pale green and blue), it shows that the market is trending to the upside.

With the above scenario, you can then monitor the GREEN LINE to check whether the volume of ticking of that asset is increasing or decreasing.


The AZZX Emavol 1.0 indicator for MT4 shows you the up/down fluctuation of the price per tick on a chart in your chosen timeframe which is free to download.

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